Brent Costigan – President

Brent Costigan is the founder, owner and President of KMC Safety Solutions based out of London, Ontario Canada.

Brent holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph as well as a Masters of Business Administration degree from Heriot Watt University.

Brent has worked in the health and safety business for over 15 years.

He began his career focusing on ergonomics, workplace rehabilitation and return to work programs. Through his lengthy career with Electro Motive Division he held several positions including production supervisor, production manager and finally, Manager of Environmental, Health and Safety, Security and Abilities Management. This career has afforded Brent experience and exposure in the Canadian, American and International manufacturing and construction arenas. Over the last decade, in addition to these responsibilities, Brent was the management lead for the business contingency planning for the collective bargaining agreement negotiations between Electro Motive and the CAW.

With the launch of KMC Safety Solutions in 2012 the company experienced immediate success.

Brent was a key player in the major renovations and manufacturing start up of EMD Brazil and currently holds contracts with several construction and manufacturing businesses.

Brent is considered a Health and Safety expert in the manufacturing, construction and railway sectors.

“KMC SAFETY SOLUTIONS is about making environments for people and business a happy, healthy and more efficient place to work.
It puts Canada on the global stage and demonstrates best in class practices. KMC SAFETY SOLUTIONS is a problem solver.”