Who Needs Training

Every worker who is exposed to a fall hazard requires working at heights training. Under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, workers need training from an accredited training provider.

All accredited training providers have a program that is approved by the Ministry of Labour. The program will train workers to identify, inspect and don PPE, set up an appropriate fall protection system and work with that system safely.

Training Regularly

Formal certificate training is required every three years. All workers need a current certificate prior to being exposed to a fall hazard. Once formal training is completed, specific workplace training needs to be conducted to orient workers to the specific equipment they’ll be using, and the specific hazards to which they’ll be exposed.

Best practice is to hold regular refresher training with the equipment and tools that workers use. Workers who use equipment regularly can become complacent in the best practices. Workers who use fall protection equipment rarely get rusty and refresher training.

Any time new equipment is introduced, workers must receive specific training on its proper use and limitations. Workers need to be completely comfortable with their equipment prior to using it in a fall protection system.

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During the ongoing pandemic, we are able to offer training at your facility under specific circumstances. Please contact us to discuss specific details

Working At Heights Training

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