There’s no getting around the reality that safety requirements are getting more stringent every year. In the eyes of the workers, unions, and legislators, there is nothing more important than worker safety. In construction and manufacturing, there is no excuse for a worker being hurt on the job.

An understanding of hazards and tasks is the first step to working safely. It is of the utmost importance that all workers understand what could hurt them and what they need to do on the worksite. Without that basic understanding, it will be impossible for workers to stay safe.

With the advance of safety regulations comes the requirement for documentation. It’s no longer enough to simply tell the workers about a hazard. It’s no longer acceptable to assume workers know how to keep safe.

Documentation that can be referenced by workers, supervisors, employers and eventually inspectors is paramount to success. Every job hazard analysis, every safe work plan, every tool box must be recorded and available for reference if required. Traditionally, this information has been kept on paper forms in a book or binder. More advanced options included having a carbonless copy that could be sent to an office or other offsite place for storage/reference later, if it can be found.

The result of all this documentation is typically a mess. It is a significant challenge to find one specific document when it’s needed.

There is a better way. Use a dedicated safety management platform to store forms, record training, and keep on top of worker licences and certifications. Reduce the human management component of safety. Most users find a rapid improvement when automation is introduced.

Having a central, mobile application that can store your information is paramount to success. Each worker should be able to, without hesitation, have access to the health and safety policy, safe work practices, and job hazard analyses of a worksite. Safe work practices and required PPE should be immediately available.

Use a program that is easy to use, instantly updated and always working with the latest version of your forms. Choose a program that is completely customizable to your needs and your industry or trade. A good platform will keep documentation, check lists, audits, forms, as well as reference information in one place that is easy to navigate app or webpage.

The right application will meet as many of your needs and wants as possible. At KMC we don’t sell software, but we use software to make your safety program work as well as it can for you.

Health and Safety for the digital world
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