What is a Safety Data Sheet? 

A Safety Data Sheet or SDS is a standardized document that provides information about a hazardous substance. The layout of an SDS is part of the Globally Harmonized System for managing hazardous materials in the workplace, or WHMIS GHS. The layout of the SDS gives readers important information about the product.

What products have a Safety Data Sheet? 

All controlled products have an SDS. All workplaces are required to have the most up-to-date SDS for all chemicals and other hazardous materials on hand. Most products that have a potential for health hazards, specifically chemicals and compounds, have an SDS available. When in doubt, ask the distributor or manufacturer. 

What training do workers need? 

All workers must have WHMIS training without exception. While there is no definite expiry date for certification, best practice is to renew training every two to three years. Regular refresher training allows workers to keep abreast of changes to the program as well as revisit the safety regulations of WHMIS GHS. 

What’s next? 

Workers need WHMIS training. You can access online training here or contact us for in class or online training

All workplaces must have Safety Data Sheets for all controlled substances on site. Get these sheets from the distributor or manufacturer. All workers must receive WHMIS training 

Safety Data Sheets for WHMIS 2015 (GHS)
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