In 2020, the Ministry of Labour extended the certification period for workers. That extension deadline is fast approaching.

Expiring Certificates

Early in the pandemic, the Ontario Ministry of Labour recognized that access to training was going to be difficult. The MOL decided to extend the validity of all certificates that were set to expire February to August 2020 were extended until the same date in 2021.

Certificates that were set to expire in 2021 are still expiring in this time frame.

What this means

Many workers and companies took advantage of this extension in a bid to keep their workers safe. The result is that in 2021, we are seeing an increased demand for training spaces.

Workers must have a valid certificate when working at heights. There is no exception to that rule and there has not been throughout the pandemic. Workers, supervisors, employers, and project owners can all be fined if a worker is working at heights without valid certifcation

With limited class sizes and double the normal demand, it can be difficult to find space for your workers in open-enrollment classes.

What can you do

Contact us using the link below to discuss a private class for your company. Book a course before the expiry period of your certificate on our website. Ensure that workers are compliant and properly trained to work safely. Ensure that workers have received specific training on the equipment they will be using on the job.

As always, ensure that workers are documenting their equipment inspections, safe work plans, and rescue plans as required.

Working At Heights Training

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