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First Aid Requirements

Every workplace in Ontario must have a first aid kit and trained first aid provider at all times. WSIB lists all individual buildings, all company vehicles including personal vehicles for work purposes are considered workplaces and require a first aid kit. The location of first aid kit should coincide with a first aid station that includes the required posters. First Aid kits must be inspected at least quarterly, and be maintained to at all times to the standard set out in the regulations. Any items used from the kit must be replaced immediately.

Under WSIB regulations (1101), the first aid kit must be under the care of a person trained in first aid. The level of training required depends on the number of workers in the workplace. For fewer than five workers in the workplace, Emergency level first aid is required. For more than 5 workers, Standard level first aid is required. First Aid training must be provided by a recognized training provider (St. John Ambulance, Canadian Red Cross, Lifesaving Society are the primary providers of training). Those designated workers must work in the vicinity of the first aid kit. A record of all first aid incidents must be kept in the workplace.

Most first aid certifications are valid for three years from the date of issue. Some specific levels of training expire annually. In most cases, a certificate can be renewed prior to its expiry in a condensed recertification class. Recertification is valid for another three years, but cannot be recertified a second time.

First Aid Equipment

The equipment required for each workplace varies by the number of workers on any shift. First Aid kits must be restocked after every use and fully inspected every three months. Each workplace is assessed individually for the number of workers in the area. When in doubt, stock a kit to the next level rather than the lower level.

Of note is that vehicles are required to have first equipment on board relative to the number of workers in the vehicle. A mini-van that can hold 6 passengers and a driver requires a first aid kit for up to 15 workers.

KMC Can Help

We’re pleased to be adding first aid services to our portfolio. We can certify workers to either Emergency or Standard level first aid. Emergency First Aid is a one day course with a three year expiry and includes CPR with AED use. Standard First Aid is a two day program and includes CPR and AED use. Training is offered at our facility or on-site at your facility, provided there is adequate space to meet the program requirements. Our instructors have more than 25 years of experience in emergency response and have taught hundreds of courses at all levels.

In addition to training, we’re pleased to offer a first aid kit inspection and stocking service. We can swap your kits for sealed kits during regular site audits or on a quarterly basis to keep your site compliant with regulations. Our kits are sealed with break-away tags to readily identify when contents may be missing. The advantage of a sealed kit is that if the seals are missing, we know to look for corresponding records. We can supply either a record book that will comply with WSIB regulations or add the recordkeeping requirements to our digital safety platform used to manage the rest of your health and safety program.

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