The right analysis of hazards prevents injuries

What Is Due Diligence?

Due diligence is a process of taking the care and time to understand safety and production requirements of a job or task. Supervisors have a responsibility to ensure that every part of the task or job is challenged against a standard of safety to ensure that workers are adequately protected. This is part of the Job Hazard Analysis or Job Safety Analysis that must be completed for each task or day.

Challenging all steps in a job against safety standards is the basic concept of due diligence. Understand the scope of the job and the tasks required first. Then assess each task individually for safety. Finally, establish a plan to control hazards and work safely.

Why Do Supervisors Need Training?

A supervisor is appointed because of training and experience regarding a task or job. The supervisor is directly responsible for the safe completion of the work, and the wellbeing of the workers they are supervising.

Supervisors cannot be expected to inherently know how to perform any supervisory task. Moving from a worker position to a supervisor position requires specific training. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor is paramount to being a safe and effective supervisor.

What Happens Next?

Supervisors are tasked with getting a job done. To get the job done safely, supervisors need appropriate training to assess and control the hazards they’ll face. A general awareness of due diligence is a good place to start. Specific training in tasks and hazards faced by an organization or site require specific training.

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Due Diligence For Supervisors
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